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Kittens Born 4/25/2022

We're happy to announced the litter from RW CamelotsLB Thor Asguards King to Tikiroad RazzleDazzle of CamelotsLB. We had and phenomenal lit only one kitten last time between these two cat and repeated the breeding. They produced the Friends Themed litter. Chandler, Ross, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel and Phoebe. Both Thor and Razzle have phenomenal temperaments that I'm so excited to continue to produce. All parents have been health tested. Kittens will not leave my home till 14-16 weeks. Kittens will be spayed/neutered, and have vaccines, microchip, litter, food, bed, toy and a 2 year health guarantee. 



Friends Litter 

Newborn photo

Ross is a very handsome boy who loves to cuddle but needs space. He's not as demanding as his siblings. I truly love this boys bone, whiskerpads, glitter and over all appearance. His counter shading, open rosettes, glitter, whited belly and loving temperament is what we strive for. He's a very flashy show quality pet kitten.

Still Available 

Joey is was the biggest eater in the group, he loved the dogs and the most. He left to his home first and is adjusting well with his new human and fur siblings.

Not available 

Photos do not do him justice. Handsome Chandler is so sweet and a purr machine. He has a whited belly, glitter, whisker-pads and boning to die for. He's a show quality pet, we couldn't keep another boy so we petted him out.

Not available.

Monica is a beautiful girl with an amazing personality. She has beautiful whited belly, large wisher pads, beautiful boning, short thick tail and is a cuddle bug. She is a very flashy show quality pet who can't be shown.

Phoebe is so beautiful is staying here with us. She has amazing contrast and whited belly. Sweet girl who loves to cuddle.

Rachel Green is now part of another breeding program, its so rare that we get a Thor daughter and the fact that she is amazing was even more reason to keep her in a bengal program. She has amazing counter shadding, whited belly, huge bone and a short thick tail. We have been very blessed to have such amazing kittens.


Sophi Yates


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