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RW Supreme Grand Master

 Romantic Heart Throb Hudson

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Huson is a black spotted silver bengal, who because of a locked can not be shown as an alter. However he loves showing with my daughter. He is a regional winner as a house hold pet. Hudson is also HCM clear December 2021 and 2022

CH JungleTime Now or Never

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Kahloa is my first pedigree cat, he was given to me by my mentors Lydia and Don Wright (The Realms bengals). He was a retired breeder and neutered.  I had no intentions to breed Bengals. When I saw him, it was love at first sight. I had never seen a more beautiful cat. Lydia told me he really didn't like a whole lot of attention and wasn't a really social cat. LOL well that was the case for him with anyone else but me. He instantly  loved me and slept on my left shoulder and arm pocket.He was very antisocial with my husband and kids for a very long time. It took him about a year to let my husband touch him, but no one else. He didn't like stranger and would go as high as he could and watch below. He opened up over the years. I've been owned by him since 2014 and couldn't imagine my life without him. This past year he's opened up so much letting others touch him and even allowing children to pick him up. These past 9 years have flown by, I cant remember what it's like to not have him in my life. 

Cruising down the Street in my 64

AKA  Trixie E

Trixie was rescued officially on November 20,2022. Sadly she was abandoned not that far from our house and she had chosen our tree well to live in. When we found her she was completed emaciated, you could see every bone in her body. We built her shelter and started to feed her. She wouldn't get to close at first but would come for dinner. On the days she didn't come we'd go looking for her and check our cameras to see if we could spot her. One day after a cat show she finally let my daughter hold her. We took her in had her vetted, titter tested for diseases, microchipped, SPAYED, DNA tested to make sure she was clear of genetic disorders, DNA'ed to see what breeds she has in her and her heart tested and she is HCM clear. Trixie E is a spoiled queen and loves to be around her people.

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